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Wedding is no more an expensive business!

Wedding will be no longer an expensive business. Do not be alarmed. Yes, you can do a little of cost cutting in your wedding without harming or killing on the decoration or the location or anything. Wedding invites cost a lot. The layout of the invite and the list of guests you really want on the wedding day costs you a lot. The wedding invite also has to go with the wedding theme. Like if you are having a black tie event your wedding invite should also go with the theme, no? Here is a list of few wedding invites on which you can save some bucks.

We all have tried the fingerprint style when we like 12. Here is your chance to try this style again. You and your to be hubby could try the fingerprint heart design on the wedding invite. All you have to do is buy some craft work from the store, print a message on it and sign it with the fingerprint heart design. The cute little thump impression of you and your to be hubby in the form of a heart will be totally adorable.

An personalized picture envelope is something that you can try as your wedding invite. Yes, it is not like an actual invitation but it does add a crafty touch to it. All you have to do is cut a nice picture of you and your to be hubby and place it in the envelope. Go for colorful envelopes and small ones than the plain white boring ones.

Also you can try getting the vertical picture booth like wedding invite layout. Get the photos clicked and get a copies of it. Then stick it to a cardstock. Punch a hole at the top center. Make sure you use a nice metal reinforcement ring to cover up the hole as without it, it will appear lame and dull. And print your message on the cardstock. And yes, do not forget to loop in some thread or string through the picture and the cardstock message.

Make a nice homemade wedding invite. Cut a simple invitation outlining the details of your wedding. Place it in a glass jar and decorate it with ribbons and paint. This will be a nice exercise for your guests. They will have to put all the pieces together to get the message. However, here is the easiest of all the invites. Take a white paper. Cut it in small circle of varies shapes so that a nice pearl can be formed. Now take a black paper and cut it in a bow tie shape. Now stick these two crafts on the cardstock with a message. So which one the wedding invites are you planning to take?

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