So what print are you wearing?

Girls and print is a match made in heaven. Every girl possess at least one printed top or skirt. There is no living in the fashion world without print. Anyone can pull of a print any time of the year. Print comes in beautiful, bright colors which are hard to resist. Prints can easily make you look stylish and make you stand out from the crowd. But when it comes to buying prints, it can be a tough task. You get bamboozled with the wide variety of colors. So here is quick guide to the world of print.

The aztec print style was first created way back in the 14th century. This print comes in bold colors with lovely line placement, thickness and a unique structure of design. One of the famous print is the tribal print. This is one such print that is extremely contemporary in nature. It is said that it is being originated from Africa. The tribal print comes in lovely vibrant colors with a different art pattern.

A dyeing style that is very commonly used in the print is called ikat. The dyeing is done before the cloth is set for weaving process. The ikat style of print follows a somewhat symmetric pattern. The print is always in bold and bright colors. The psychedelic style of print is seen in circle or like spiral.

Tie dying is one unique pattern where you will get to see the bright primary colors with some bold patterns. This is one of the best prints in the market. And probably you should get one. The graffiti print is another one you will surely love. It has nothing but some scribbling and abstract drawings to it. Graffiti print can be worn for any occasion. One print that every girl will fall in love is the pretty, beautiful, floral print. Summer is the best time to wear this print. The floral print is superbly bright and full of life. And lastly, the very common of all prints is the animal print. This is one particular print that is not outdated. This print is like the skin of animals like zebra, hyena, tiger, leopard and giraffe.

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