Add a glamorous look with a simple scarf

Many a times we feel like throwing on the simplest of dress or a T shirt. But then this simple dress or T shirt turns out to be extremely simple. So in such a case how to add some glamor or style to it? Well, one thing is that you can add some nice fancy accessories or a nice hair do. How about using some scarf to add some life even in the simplest of dresses and T shirts? And this is one thing that you will not be bored of wearing it over and over again. Try these different scarf styles, they can go on any T shirts and dress.

The double looped scarf style is the simplest of all scarf styles. Also it can be done just in a couple of seconds. Also when you get this style of scarf there is simply no need to add some extra earrings or any sort of jewelery. All you have to do is just drape the scarf around the neck and then tie a knot where both the ends of the scarf meet. Just cross the scarf and form the number 8 and lastly place the bottom loop over your head and tuck the knot behind. And there you have the double looped scarf.

If you want the classic scarf style then go for the slip knot. This scarf style is very popular. And the best part is that it goes well with formals as well as non formals. You can either tight its loop or loosen it, the way you want! Just fold the scarf in half and wear it around the neck. And then bring the ends of the scarf through the loop. And there you have the slip knot.

Want to keep your neck warm? Do it with style! Just twist the scarf around your neck but keep one end of the scarf longer than the other. Loop the longer end of the scarf around the neck 3-3 times in just one direction. Then tie the ends of the scarf and see to it that the knot is tucked under the rolled up scarf. This style is called the turtleneck.

The most tidiest of scarf knots is the fake knot. This knot give you more of a corporate look than a casual one. Just pull the scarf around the neck and tie a knot on one side of the scarf. Loosen the knot and pull the opposite end through this knot. Try the waterfall style of scarfing for the falling effect. This style of scarf knot attracts the most attention. Just make sure that your scarf is long and then simply loop the scarf around the neck in such a way that it hangs somewhat in the front. Then take only one corner of one end of the scarf and tuck it in the loop of opposite end. See to it that it falls across your chest.

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