How to look good in your passport photo?

We all want to look the best in our passport photo, don’t we? Be it any picture or a selfie, we look good. But what exactly goes wrong when it comes to a passport photo? We never like our passport photo. We avoid showing people our drivers license or passport or any document that has our passport photo. What is it about these passport photos that makes us look so bad? Don’t worry. Here are few tips that will get make you look good in your passport photo. And with these tricks you will proudly end up showing people your drivers license or passport.

Face it, getting the right photo for your documents is not an easy task. These photos will stay with you forever. Always get a good 8-10 hours of sleep the previous night of the photo shoot. Always head to the studio after you have had breakfast. This way your skin will look more fresh and healthy. Always remember this, the key to a beautiful skin is to drink tons of water. Always hydrate yourself. up. Have at least a bottle of water before you go for your photo.

The florescent light in the studio can make your skin look dark and patchy. To avoid looking dark what you can do is apply a little foundation with a simple black liner. Avoid cat eyeliner and eye shadow as it may not be approved for certain documents. Wear a neutral shade lipstick that suits your skin tone. Once you are ready, click few selfies and see. Tilt your face accordingly at the photographer’s studio.
Always wear something classic. Something that will not go out of style for about 5-10 years or so. The reason is that these passport photo will appear on your documents like passport or drivers license which will run for about 5-10 years. Also, pick colors that complement your skin and face.

Ask your photographer if there is an option of taking a few images and picking the right one. If not, adjust the light and camera angle to suit your face. You can check your photo by taking a selfie at the studio. Before you sit for the actual photo, see if you’ve got everything in place. Touch-up your makeup and hair if needed and rework your angles.

Remember to genuinely smile. Think of something happy or a happy moment. Smile and not laugh. Smiling genuinely will lighten up your eyes and reflect that on your face. See to it that your tongue touches the roof of your mouth. This will get the photo right.

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