Wedding flower myths disclosed

Brides have tons of rules and regulations when it comes to choose their wedding dress and the wedding flower. We all have heard this from our mother, grandmothers and tons of relatives that it is mandatory for the bride to carry roses in her bouquet. Well enough with the age old myths! As they say, rules are meant to be broken, here are some more of the wedding flower myths.

For starters, the bride starts believing that just because she has a reception hall with a high ceiling, she needs to have a high centerpiece. This is just a sad myth that the bride follows without even thinking clearly. This just makes the bride to shed extra on her centerpiece. The idea that brides need high centerpieces in order to balance with their venue’s high ceilings, just isn’t true. The gigantic centerpiece just kills the view and contact with others. In fact. One should stick to a lower centerpiece that you can see over and nothing can get in the way of the guests. And if you are worried about them not looking prominent enough, you can move outward rather than upwards. Build a low garden throughout the table, just make sure your guests can see over it.

The second myth is that silk flowers though they maybe cheap but they end up looking bad, so the bride gets real flowers. Sorry to burst the bubble, but today the silk flowers cost just as much as the real ones. But for that price, you’ll get silk flowers that look just as real. See the thing is that there is no savings involved in using high quality silk, but then at the end of the day you get to keep it forever. If you are having an outdoor wedding on the beach in the heat of summer, you don’t have to worry about anyone’s bouquets wilting. Having the silk ones will also be good if your husband to be is allergic to flowers.

The third myth is that if you are the bride, you should walk down the aisle with some roses in the bouquet. Typically, the bride’s bouquet is a little larger than her bridesmaids, but even that isn’t always true anymore. You don’t need to have every flower match exactly, but some of the flowers should be similar, to tie it all in.

‘Its 21st century and I can get any flower I want at any point of time in the year’ is the biggest myths of all. See, in real life it doesn’t work this way. Despite greenhouses and importing exotic blends, every flower imaginable still may not be available at your whim. And if it is, chances are, it will cost much more than anything in season. Just because a friend of yours had tulips in August, doesn’t mean that you will also get lucky that way. Always have option B. And if you want the flowers that are still not available, you can always go for silk ones.

Just because you are having a wedding in during the spring time, purple and ruby red flowers should be out. This is one the myths. And its good that people have stopped following it. Just remember this that a unique scheme can be made attractive with a little idea and some talent. So if you want pastels in December, or deep brown in mid-summer, don’t let the weather hold you back.

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