Important preparation for wedding day

Bride and Groom both of them and their family makes lots of preparation for the wedding but in spite of these preparations there are something that should be necessarily prepared for the wedding day. Wedding is the most especial day for the bride and for this day she plans lots of things but considering few things could help her in case of emergency which will make her dream come true that day. So following things will help in planning or preparing the wedding day as follows:

  • Plan out the wedding day:
  • It is very important to plan the wedding day before two months of the wedding as this helps in assigning duties to those people that are going to handle that day’s ceremony. The Bride and Groom should also list out the things that they need to do at that day with this they could enjoy their day and every ceremony or ritual without any worries.

  • Allow enough time for everything:
  • The wedding day should not be scheduled with too much of things to do as it already had many things that are necessary to do on it so plan the day in such a manner that the Bride and Groom may find enough time for her makeup, dressing, photo shut and other things. This will keep them relax and make them enjoy their day.

  • Do not keep the guest waiting:
  • Brides treat themselves like the star of the wedding and for this they keep their guest waiting but this is not fair so try to be on time for the wedding without keeping your guests waiting.

  • Allocate responsibility to the point person:
  • If you are not having a wedding planner then it’s better to allocate responsibility to the point person from the wedding party and these may be your friends or relatives. This not only make your work easy but also reduce your stress as of know someone is there who is watching everything.

  • Confirm everything and after that follows up:
  • It is very important to confirm everything on phone before a month out for the wedding so it’s better to double check everything and after that follow up with the email. Also inform the point persons by updating them with the lost of necessary information or by an email.

  • Plan the mini emergencies:
  • Some things are there which comes as a mini emergency for the wedding day so it’s better to plan for it by keeping the wedding kit for it as this kit fulfills the need all those things that may be needed at the wedding day.

  • Remember wedding is only a day not the whole life:
  • Bride and Groom think that wedding is the most especial day of their life and they want others to enjoy this day in the same manner as they are enjoying. But this thought is not true as this day is not that special for them as it is for you so don’t be bad with them for this as wedding is only a day not whole life.

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