Turmeric: Magical Ingredient To Treat Arthritris

Turmeric may be a spice that has anti-inflammatory properties. many of us believe that it can relieve arthritis symptoms, especially when paired with other inflammation-fighting foods. 

People have used turmeric for a spread of health condition for thousands of years. One among its compounds, curcumin, may have anti-inflammatory properties. Because inflammation is one among the causes of arthritis symptoms, turmeric may help people with arthritis pain and stiffness.

Because turmeric may be a cooking spice, people can use it during a sort of ways to flavor foods and beverages. Using turmeric in recipes can add inflammation-fighting power to meals and drinks throughout the day.

1. Turmeric tea
A person can sweeten turmeric tea with honey or cinnamon.
One of the foremost basic ways to consume turmeric is to form it into a tea.

To make turmeric tea, add a teaspoon (tsp) of turmeric to 4 cups of predicament and simmer for 10 minutes. Pure turmeric powder, grated turmeric, or ground, dried turmeric all work well.

If any flakes, grains or pieces of turmeric remain, strain the tea before drinking it.

People can try adding other spices or sweeteners to the tea for flavor, such as:

1 tsp of honey
1 tsp of ground cinnamon for flavor and additional anti-inflammatory effects
fresh or dried ginger for flavor and additional anti-inflammatory effects
freshly squeezed juice from a lemon or orange to feature antioxidants and flavor

2. Golden milk
Golden milk may be a milk-based liquid with added turmeric, which provides it a golden and creamy appearance. People may use dairy milk or a dairy-free alternative, like coconut milk or almond milk.

This golden milk recipe suggests adding 1 tsp of turmeric to 2 cups of the milk of choice. Try adding a pinch of ground black pepper, which could enhance the consequences of the turmeric.

Adding black pepper to golden milk may help the body absorb turmeric. A review of curcumin and health says that a compound found in black pepper can help increase the bioavailability of turmeric by up to 2,000%.

Many recipes suggest that adding extra fat, like coconut or expressed almond oil to the milk, may help the body absorb the turmeric better.

People also can add half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, 1 tsp of honey, or 1 tsp of syrup for taste.

People can drink golden milk or use it as a base for other recipes, like soups or dressings.

3. Golden milk espresso or coffee latte
Coffee lovers or those trying to find a caffeine kick can add golden milk to their coffee. Prepare 6 ounces (oz) of warm golden milk as directed and add 2 oz of freshly brewed espresso or 4 oz of fresh coffee.

Breakfast or brunch
4. Turmeric smoothies
Turmeric blends well into many fruit smoothies. people that have already got a favourite morning smoothie can try adding 1–2 tsp of turmeric powder to their recipe.

For a morning anti-inflammatory smoothie and an antioxidant boost, do this recipe. It includes a variety of ingredients that help fight inflammation, including:

This recipe is another combat a turmeric smoothie. It includes banana, vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, and optional sweetener and provides a sweet and spicy flavor.

5. Turmeric golden milk oatmeal
Adding turmeric and blueberries to oatmeal can increase its anti-inflammatory power.
Adding turmeric to oatmeal can increase its anti-inflammatory power. This recipe incorporates golden milk into oatmeal for a filling breakfast.

For an additional inflammation-fighting boost, add blueberries or strawberries, consistent with research, they’re rich in anthocyanin, a flavonoid that has potent anti-inflammatory power, and antioxidants to assist fight infections.

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