All About Constipation

There’s nothing uncommon about constipation. It’s prevalent for many of us and it’s mighty annoying.

Occasional constipation happens to all or any folks. For some, constipation means hard stools or incomplete emptying. That’s annoying but usually resolves itself after each day or two.

It’s when constipation becomes chronic that it becomes a much bigger problem.

From a medical perspective, chronic constipation means having fewer than three bowel movements every week. What happens is this: The food you eat moves too slowly through your alimentary canal giving the colon time to soak up water from that food, creating hard to pass.

Constipation can loom larger than life. That’s why I made a decision to take a seat down with the culprit and obtain the inside track from the source itself. Maybe then, we will conquer the Constipation Curse once and for all.

Q: But you’ll see it—it’s usually written across everyone’s face.

A: Ha, I know! I make people really irritable and moody. I mean, how are you able to possibly smile and act all happy when you’re bloated and sluggish? And sometimes, they miss work or don’t even leave of the house.

Q: You cost tons of individuals tons of cash, too.

A: Yeah, I’m happy to mention I’m a top contributor to the value of health care. I rack up about 2.5 million doctor visits annually. I put tons of dollars into the pharmacy coffers, too, running up medication costs into the many dollars.

Q: So, tell me: what keeps you so busy?

A: Many everyday things like stress, travel, not drinking enough water or getting enough exercise (or really, any change in your daily routine). But you want to rule out a medical condition, too.

Q: What sorts of medical conditions?

A: Things like thyroid issues, irritable bowel syndrome, paralysis agitans and diabetes. Then there are more serious things like colon or rectal cancers; bowel obstructions or blockages; anal fissures and abdominal cancers that continue the colon, too. and eventually. I need to confess to being interested in certain medications (like sedatives, narcotics, some antidepressants and meds to treat high blood pressure).

Q: OK, so for instance we rule out the more serious issues. How can we, eliminate you and have better luck within the bathroom?

A: I’ll allow you to in on a secret: most of the people do not get enough fiber. and that is one big thing that keeps me in business. People need a minimum of 20 to 30 grams every day but they’re falling short.

Foods like fruits, veggies and whole grains can keep your BMs reliable and right.

Another foe of mine? Mild laxatives. But don’t take that last piece of recommendation lightly. I’d say you ought to try the life-style changes first. Chronic use of laxatives can actually make me worse, and sometimes laxatives can interfere with the way your body absorbs other medications and nutrients.

Q: That’s an excellent tip, thanks. I do know that if people want to extend their fiber intake, it’s pretty easy to try to rather than drinking fruit juices, eat whole fruits. Replace polished rice, bread and pasta with rice and whole-grain products. Put away your chips, crackers and chocolate bars and snack on raw veggies, instead. And if you are not already eating beans and legumes, add these to your diet as they will replace meat a few of days every week (soups are an excellent opportunity to try).

A: While we’re on great tips, let me help further by saying that there are things aside from foods which will help get obviate me. Drink many water—when you’re well hydrated, less water is going to be withdrawn from your colon. Get the maximum amount regular exercise.

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